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White Knuckles and Whimpy Chuckles

DSCN100207430001There’s a lot of stuff to do out there. A good deal of it does include the aspect of social drinking. This is of course a different scene than “drinking at home,” or alone. The objective is to get out there and live and experience life, the real parts of it.

The FUN begins with you. You are what’s fun. The person you are and/or plan to be in Sober Space is where the upbeat begins. You will find it is much better to be “upbeat”, than to be, “beat up”.

One of the most challenging parts of socializing in mixed (drink) company is to hold your own not needing, or even wanting, a drink when there is alcohol all around the room, or restaurant, or bar…whatever. This is the part you just have to get into your head. The booze is just not for you. What other people do is their business. Yours is yours. If you can maintain yourself comfortably in that environment and not be “White Knuckling” (holding on so tight to the side of your chair so you don’t get up and get a drink), you are well on the way to real and sober fun.

Something I have recognized for me is that “if you’re not one of them, drunk people get very boring, very fast.” The key for me is when I have had enough (of them), I just leave. I don’t have to stay there and when conversation becomes “mangle mouthed” it really becomes annoying to listen to. Say Good Night, Gracie. You will find you have plenty else to do when you discover your own interests which were subdued in your “past life.”

The comment about Whimpy Chuckles is not just there to rhyme with Knuckles, but to recognize one of the best parts of feeling good; a good old fashioned Belly Laugh. You know you are doing well when you find yourself laughing deeply and out loud without any other influence than raw humor. I think it is the sharpest you can be. What? What’s so funny?

Have a great tomorrow,