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Oh Crap, here he comes again…

DSCN176515840001The title of this one is “for the birds.” And what kid hasn’t given them a chase when the opportunity has presented itself? Seems like pretty simple fun and while annoying to the birds, hardly dangerous as you will never catch them.

As the end of summer draws near, we had a nice three day weekend (Labor Day) to Bar-B-Q and get outside, that is, where it was nice to be outside. I am fortunate enough to live in an area the weather was nice and typically it is rather HOT this time of year, it was pleasantly in the 80’s and crystal clear.

Feeling neglected in my garage was my 1965 Mustang convertible. Being busy was my only excuse for not having gotten it out earlier, but this was now the time. It was time to get out and “chase the birds.” While I guess that could have a variety of meanings, it is as simple as enjoying the simplicity of what entertained us as kids. The sky was beautiful as I could see by looking straight up where the roof would have been. The trees and landscape were alive and crisp, the weeds of course were dead and dry, and yet a pleasant tone of carmeled brown, with a plethora of god’s creatures skittering around.

The road led to a river which looked very inviting but I hadn’t thought to “pack a suit.” It wasn’t quite remote enough to strip down and take the plunge in the buff, but it was a thought. Of course, had I done so I probably would have scared the fish right out of the water!

On the return trip the sun was easing it’s way down toward its nightly bath in the Pacific Ocean (way over there) and the shadows long, the colored light soft; it was beautiful. Once back in town there were various activities at various public spots and it was fun to see people out and about. So what? Sew buttons. The point of the story is in a past life I likely would have spent the day at a pub somewhere (nothing wrong with that) or putting ’em down somewhere with friends (nothing wrong with that) or even on my own (now there’s a question), and I’m sure I could have told you I had fun…but this time I decided to have a different kind of fun. I sliced off a piece of that reality “stuff” I was talking about and enjoyed it. What about you?