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White Knuckles and Whimpy Chuckles

DSCN100207430001There’s a lot of stuff to do out there. A good deal of it does include the aspect of social drinking. This is of course a different scene than “drinking at home,” or alone. The objective is to get out there and live and experience life, the real parts of it.

The FUN begins with you. You are what’s fun. The person you are and/or plan to be in Sober Space is where the upbeat begins. You will find it is much better to be “upbeat”, than to be, “beat up”.

One of the most challenging parts of socializing in mixed (drink) company is to hold your own not needing, or even wanting, a drink when there is alcohol all around the room, or restaurant, or bar…whatever. This is the part you just have to get into your head. The booze is just not for you. What other people do is their business. Yours is yours. If you can maintain yourself comfortably in that environment and not be “White Knuckling” (holding on so tight to the side of your chair so you don’t get up and get a drink), you are well on the way to real and sober fun.

Something I have recognized for me is that “if you’re not one of them, drunk people get very boring, very fast.” The key for me is when I have had enough (of them), I just leave. I don’t have to stay there and when conversation becomes “mangle mouthed” it really becomes annoying to listen to. Say Good Night, Gracie. You will find you have plenty else to do when you discover your own interests which were subdued in your “past life.”

The comment about Whimpy Chuckles is not just there to rhyme with Knuckles, but to recognize one of the best parts of feeling good; a good old fashioned Belly Laugh. You know you are doing well when you find yourself laughing deeply and out loud without any other influence than raw humor. I think it is the sharpest you can be. What? What’s so funny?

Have a great tomorrow,



“High Sobriety in Sober Space”

Ol' Smiley Boy

My name is Jim and I’m an alcoholic. I’ve been on, I’ve been off. I was raised in an alcohol chugging family environment.  For my High School Senior Prom my Mom handed me a bottle of Jim Beam on my way out the door and said “Have a good time.” When I first got into the “off” position, off booze that is, I discovered I had a lot of baggage to unpack. It must have been a great trip ‘cause I had plenty of bags!

The unpacking procedure can take a long time. One of the challenging parts during the process for me was approaching the aspect of just plain having fun without alcohol inducement. (Drugs fits here too as I’m sure  it is quite the same). I mean, think about how many stories start out with, “man we were so ef’d-up…and Joey was up on that bridge takin’ a leak all over…” OK, so maybe it’s only my stories that went that way but you know what I mean.

It was actually a friend of mine, Barbara, who expressed to me she wanted the “being ef’d-up” part of the stories left out when telling them in the presence of her 15 year old son. And rightfully so, she didn’t want her son to be thinking grown-ups seem to only have fun when they are buzzed up.

Then there’s the whole lack of social inhibition part. If someone asked me about the best sexual experience I ever had, I would have to say “I don’t remember, I know we did ‘stuff’ but aside from that, I don’t remember a whole lot about it.” What a waste if you think about it. There is nothing like “Sober Sex,” but that is a way whole different story from here (and I do remember the best experiences there, vividly).

So now the question: What is Fun? And what is this Reality shit all about?

“The Last of the Mojitos” is a sobriety blog site. An opportunity to answer the question…”Are you for Real?” Or more succinctly, What is real? … What is real good, what is real fun, what is real hot and a bit of what’s not thrown in.

Frankly, I know nothing about blogging so I am just going to get started and see where it goes. I do, however, know some things about “being sober” and not being sober; and of course the transition(s) from the “not,” to the sober and back again (and back … again). I believe it is a subject worthy of attention.

For those who have always been sober folks, it will be good to have your input here as well where we can all share experiences we know of the “Real World.” And believe me, while being ef’d-up on drugs and/or alcohol is by all means a “real” situation, it leaves you clueless as to what the real world has to offer.

Let’s take the opportunity to inspire, create, invent and delineate. Help me make this site an inspirational place for all walks to share and experience real Life … matters of the Heart, Courage, Bravery, Creativity. Let’s put the “why” in “why not?” (I just wanted to say that…sounds catchy doesn’t it?) Why not just get ef’d-up today?… Here’s why (not). Why not take some of these pills here?… Here’s why (not). And so on.

Consider this too: we are at a place in human history where we will all need some clear thinking on how to proceed. The world is a much smaller place than ever in terms of each of our own effects upon it.

So, let’s get started: