Blog Pic Smile I think the front page tells all. “Sobriety R Us”, “Flying high with a gleam in your eye.” …  (I got a million of  ’em) … but I want to hear yours. Post pictures, stories of things to do, places to go, people to see.

By trade, I have been an architect and home builder for many years. Enough years now that I am turning my attention to other areas of my own interest and I want to do “The Write Thing.” I have genuine concerns about where we are going as a society and as a country and as a world. I’m concerned as to what kind of life and lifestyle we are creating and leaving for our kids to “deal with.” I am in the process of “putting my pen where my mouth is.” Sobriety is one of those factors I believe helps in making more sound decisions and impetus to consider a better sense of responsibility in them.

However, top of this list is also to do so “with gusto and vigor,” passion, compassion and empathy. Creativity. Ingenuity. Inspiration.  This is where we all come in. Throw your hat in the ring.

James Newmeyer


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  1. Hey Jim,
    Great site, way to be of service. So many people wrestle with the question, “Do I have a drinking problem?” Well, if you are asking that question, most likely, you do. Having come from a long line of alcoholics, and now sober members of AA, I can say without doubt, it certainly has some roots in genetics, add booze and some terminal uniqueness, and poof, you have a full blown alcoholic. It is not only a disease of a physical nature, but also one of the spiritual body, in that it keeps us away from what we want most, and that is the connection of others. By nature it returns us to the emotional abyss recreated over and over again. We chase the thing we want most and when we can’t find it, because we can’t find ourselves first, we chase that feeling away with another drink. This cycle continues until with every cell in our bodies we make a conscious decision to not pick up that first drink. If God had meant for us to live more that one day at a time, the sun would have only come up once.
    Continued success, a day at a time to you.

    Kat S. in Gardnerville

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