San Felipe Shrimp Festival Huge Success

I recently went to San Felipe in Baja CA for their annual “Shrimp Festival.” The phrase I use as you can see is The Shrimp Fest was a Huge Success in classic “read all about it” syntax. This was my second such venture though this one was different as I was not partaking in the Margarita Line this year.

Those who have read a few of my “mojito” stories know I present a guy who has been “back and forth” in the Mojito World and presently moving “forth.” So this year…I tasted the food. I could tell the difference between bar-b-qued and fried shrimp. And there were a lot of varieties of each.

Those shown on the grill above are wrapped in bacon and then a dipping sauce comes with it, plus a little chunk of bread was $1.25 each. Two or three made a meal all by themselves, let alone the shrimp tacos, burritos, even hamburgers and hot dogs “shrimp style” which I didn’t get around to trying out. There was also a batter dipped and fried with coconut flakes shrimp which was quite good also.

For the small fishing village of San Felipe, it is a big event. The main street


Malecón means “jetty” or “breakwater” in Spanish. In downtown San Felipe, the Malecón is the street that is closest to the water with the tourist shops, pharmacies, restaurants, and bars. Day or night, this is where most of the action is.

along the “Bahia San Felipe”, Bay of San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez, is closed down and vendors of the usual “fair” variety set up in and along the street. On the main stage the variety ranges from traditional dancing to Salsa bands to Mexican cover bands doing English rock and roll including Beatles and Credence.

With San Felipe located only 2 hours over the border access of Mexicali, there were plenty of “Gringos” there. It is actually a destination for many folks seeking an affordable community in which to retire or even relocate for a “simpler” lifestyle. It is the 3rd time I have been there in a little over a year and it looks like more and more fun each time.

It’s pretty nice in the daylight too, that is if you like fishing, boating, sand and dune buggy-ing, hanging at the beach or trying lots of the local flare.


3 responses to “San Felipe Shrimp Festival Huge Success

  1. I love this!!!!

  2. Great read, and terrific photos!

  3. So, when are we going !!

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